About Us

Why We Do This

It was during our college days, we started to build websites for small businesses and Individuals. Within a few months, we gained a good name in the city and lot of peoples approached us to build their own websites. Within one year we built more than seventy websites and we thought we are better than any other web developers in our city. But bad time started when our hosted server went down continuously for four days. For making the hosting cheaper we hosted our websites with a local hosting provider and for that mistake we have paid a lot. Before that, we were not concerned about selecting best hosting plans, but after this incident, we never hosted any of our website with local hosting providers.

We did a lot of research after that and find out a best hosting plan. After that, we started giving advice about hosting plans to bloggers and local web developers. Now in 2017, you have a plenty of hosting companies, but selecting the best hosting is still a crucial part for many. Hostingreviewnow.com is built to help peoples, especially bloggers to choose a right hosting for them. We know sometimes we may lose something more valuable than money if we go offline for a long time. We assure you that, we will help you with genuine test results and reviews to choose your best hosting.

How We Do This

We never judge any web hosting companies without knowing the facts by testing it for genuine results, and that’s why we stand unique in this area. We value your money and time more than everything. Our happiness belongs to your happiness. There are certain criteria we used to test every hosting that we found new and we execute a routine test for the hosting companies those who are already in business.

Every web hosting review that we are putting on our website went through many tests and we are publishing that result directly on our blog for our visitors to check. Here are the Scoring Factors we are using to Review every Hosting services.


For writing a web hosting review, We went through every feature that hosting company offering and do an evaluation. No feature will leave untouched by us. We usually check the features like bandwidth capacity, Uptime,e- mail services etc. We will host 3 test websites for testing these features. One with a lot of data and traffic, One normal Website and a small business website.

Plans & Pricing

We always want to get a good value for money to our visitors and that’s why we compare price and let the visitors know it. We bring out the hidden costs in front of our readers and we always evaluate offers given by Hosting providers. If we found anything fishy, we will not hesitate to express our thoughts with our readers. Before writing any web hosting review, We are taking care of your money by checking

  • Hidden Costs
  • Add on fee
  • Fake discounts
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Renewal fee


Hosting Review Now will not allow you to lose thousands of dollars by choosing a bad non-reliable hosting. We are always keeping an eye on the Uptime and load speed of every hosting plan we checking off. We will not blindly believe 99.99% Uptime offers by hosting providers. You will understand how deeply we are checking this while reading our hosting reviews.


Every Web Hosting companies provide minimum three types of customer communication services and they are, Live Chat, Call and e-mail. As a best hosting reviewer, we never spare anyone of them. We will check for the average response delay of every hosting company.


Most of the web hosting company we reviewed, never gave a speed that they are offering. They may have many reasons for that, but we will not let any cheater escape. Our experts will check the speed for 3 types of websites and we will publish it on our website.

User friendliness

Before writing any Web hosting reviews, We check for the user-friendliness of every web hosting and we will check its C-Panel accessibility, Implementation of common tools and lot more. We will make sure that every hosting is easy to use for starters too.

This is not the end, we closely check many factors and we check for errors, security etc. But we cannot disclose everything here but you will get the benefits of every secret test we are conducting.

Our Team

Thanks for taking two minutes of your valuable time to know about us. Our team is as simple as a nuclear family that includes only four members. All of us are doing the same web developing job as I told you earlier. We are passionate to bring you new knowledge and reviews, we love helping peoples and helping them to get them a right value for money. Thank you for being a part of our valuable reader community. Stay connected with us to know new trends in Hosting. We, “Hosting Review Now”  Once again welcoming you to the world of legitimate Hosting Reviews.