BlogBing Hosting Review; An Upcoming Web Hosting Trend from India

BlogBing Review; Our First look through BlogBing Managed Cloud Hosting

BlogBing Hosting Review: Are you looking for a comprehensive BlogBing hosting review? Then you have reached the right place. After checking BlogBing web hosting and its features for last one month, we are now ready to write the first review of BlogBing Web Hosting.

You might have thought, why we are writing BlogBing review within 30 days of usage? Can anyone estimate the quality and performance of a web host within 30 days usage? Actually, the answer is a "No". It is necessary to check a web host for at least three months to understand everything about it.

blogbing web hosting review

We have been watching these guys for last four months. BlogBing started to provide Managed Cloud Hosting to peoples from February 2017 onwards. Within the first month, many bloggers like us noticed the higher end performance and their humble and loyal nature towards their customers. The reason behind this BlogBing hosting review is nothing other than their performance and their rarest features.

BlogBing Managed cloud web hosting is especially for bloggers and that's why most of the bloggers love this web hosting company. BlogBing has a dashboard which can show you a new world of features. You can even check your analytics directly from the dashboard.

There are a lot more that we have identified during the short run with BlogBing. Read our unbiased BlogBing Web Hosting review to know the pros and cons before spending your money.

BlogBing Review; An Introduction

BlogBing is a managed cloud web hosting provider which started with an aim to provide a complete business management solution for bloggers. They bring all tasks of a blogger in one place. You can manage everything through their dashboard. bloggers can control SEO, Team Management, Content management, Networking, Social Media and the web hosting under one roof top. A small venture started by students in a small city is now getting a huge response from all sides of India and World.

Saurabh ´╗┐´╗┐Chauhan, CEO of BlogBing informed us about their future plans and we are really impressed while hearing about it. They are currently planning about their upcoming features. But we can assure you one thing. If you are a blogger, here after your blogging will be much easier.b

BlogBing is considered as Asia's First and Worlds Second Managed blog hosting platform after They are sponsored by Microsoft Corporation for developing Managed Hosting in India. One of the best part about BlogBing is, they are having seven layers of caching and four layers of the firewall which is rarest in the web hosting Industry. Lets check their features and performance. Continue reading the BlogBing Review. 

BlogBing Plans and Pricing

BlogBing has three different plans which are very much affordable while compared to other web hosts plans. Even though they have only three basic plans, you can also make some custom plans by discussing your requirements with the BlogBing Support team.


25 K ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐PAGE´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐VIEWS´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐/ MONTH

5GB SSD Storage

199 / month


100 K ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐PAGEVIEWS´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐/ MONTH

20GB SSD Storage

299 / month


1 L+´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ PAGEVIEWS/ MONTH

Unlimited Storage


Their three plans are named as STARTUP, EXPERT and PREMIUM. STARTUP plan costs 199 rupees per month. Which allow you to maintain a blog with page views less than 25k per month.

The EXPERT plan will cost 299 rupees per month and you will get requirements to host a website having 1 Lakh pageviews per month. They are providing 20GB SSD storage for Expert plan users. Which is enough to run an above average size website or blog.

PREMIUM web hosting plan is their high-end version of cloud hosting packages. The freedom of customization is the best part about this plan. You will be powered by Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. This plan gives you Unlimited SSD storage space for making a better blogging experience. Plan's cost will be decided by BlogBing according to the features you are choosing. 

BlogBing Payment Methods

When i was 17 and starting my first blog, I struggled a lot to get a credit card to buy a web hosting from bluehost. Nowadays also it is hard for many bloggers to pay through a credit card and that's the main reason most of them love BlogBing. BlogBing web hosting has many payment options to provide a hustle free payment to bloggers. 

You can make payment through Debit card, Credit Cards, Net Banking and Wallets. You can also pay them through UPI.  We will show you how to make payment easily. Check below.

  • ÔÇőChoose Your Required package an click Register Now button.
  • Fill up your details (email ID, Name, Mobile Number)
  • Click "Next" to complete payment.
  • Click on " I have a Discount Code" option to apply a BlogBing coupon code, if you have any.

BlogBing Uptime; 100% Till Now ­čÖé 

We have been using BlogBing for last 46 days and we got 100% uptime till now. Our website never affected with any downtime after hosted in BlogBing. We analyze every web hosts for few months to understood more about their up time values. BlogBing really surprised us. We Never expected a 100% up-time from a newbie web hosting provider, that too from India. We have already reviewed YouStable´╗┐, another Indian web hosting company and we are not really impressed with their up-time and we thought this is quite common with all web hosting companies in India. But This time an Indian web hosting company proved they are best enough to compete with any other premium web hosting companies in the world. Kudos to BlogBing team.

BlogBing Speed Test; Its Fast.

So, do you have a slow website? Does it take more than 3 seconds to load? Then you are losing more than 80% of your visitors. According to many tests, websites which are taking more than 3 seconds to load is not considered as SEO friendly as well as user-friendly. So speed is one of the most important factors to compete in the web industry.

blogbing review

We have tested 56 WebHosts till now and most of them are having a load speed of 1-2 seconds. While tested in Pingdom Speed tests, BlogBing having a load time of 1.07 seconds. The speed which we get is extremely good for a website having page size 2.2 MB.

How About Comparing its Speed with Its Competitors?

WP Engine and FlyWheel web hosting are the main competitors for BlogBing since they are of same category. Since All these web hosts are providing Managed WordPress Hosting, we decided to compare speed of these three web hosts. 

BlogBing VS FlyWheel; Speed Comparison

FlyWheel is another Managed Web Hosting provider and that's why we choose it to compare the speed with BlogBing Page Load speed. You can check our both speed test results below. 

BlogBing Speed Test Result
FlyWheel Speed Test Results

BlogBing VS WP Engine; Speed Comparison

We have already reviewed WP Engine, You can read it from our blog. WP Engine is also providing Managed WordPress hosting and we have tested its speed and compared with BlogBing. You can see the results below.

BlogBing Speed Test
blogbing review
WP Engine Speed Test

Click below button to read more about WP Engine Speed test Results. 

Unique Features of BlogBing Hosting Reviewed

1. It's Powered by Microsoft Azure

BlogBing is powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure which having 38 Azure regions. It is world's first hybrid cloud platform. Azure cloud helps to enable maximum uptime and minimum load time experience for users.

2. Advanced Servers

BlogBing servers are powered by most advanced features like HHVM, PHP 7, Nginx, MariaDB, Redis Caching and they are updating with new technologies now.

3. Multiple Level Caching

BlogBing offers Multiple Level caching to optimize your website and bring you a high-speed blog. They are currently providing seven layers caching technique that is very rare in the web hosting Industry.

4. All in One Dashboard

blogbing review

From BlogBing dashboard, you can find all your important stats. You can even check your DA and PA of website, social media statistics and lot more.

5. Fully Managed Backups.

BlogBing offers daily backup to blogs which reduce the chance of losing data and daily backup is very necessary for these days. BlogBing also provides Real time backup. 

ÔÇőCustomer Support 

BlogBing has 24x7 customer support through Chat and Phone call. You can also make use of their contact page to connect with them. For writing this BlogBing hosting review, We have been testing their support for last few days and each time we tried to contact them, we got a technical support within seconds.

The average support delay is less than a minute and we are very much pleased by their support. We also contacted their CEO for getting a demo account before starting one. 

Making a Customer Happy is the Hardest part of any Business. In that case BlogBing is already a Successful company.

Pushpendra Singh


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A friendly and knowledgeable customer care service is always needed for growing any web hosting business. BlogBing customer care is good enough to answer your queries very fast. We suggest you to check your own.

BlogBing Review; Final Verdict

BlogBing Managed WordPress hosting is attracting customers by its Budget Friendly packages, best up-time, load time and its extremely good customer support. The only problem we have noticed is, they not yet mentioned about their money back policy anywhere in their website. We have contacted their customer support and they have told us about their 15 Days money back policy. But While considering the overall performance they are good enough to compete with other premium hosts. Since their plans are very cheap, you can definitely give it a try. 

ÔÇőIf you are planning to buy a Web Hosting from BlogBing, You can use our Coupon code "HRNOFF10" to get 10 % off on all plans.

We hope you liked our BlogBing Hosting Review. You can be a part of our blog by writing your suggestions and comments in the comment box below. Keep visiting. 

BlogBing Hosting; Our Rating
  • Uptime & Reliability
  • Load Speed
  • Features
  • Plans & Pricing
  • Customer Support


After Reading This BlogBing Review, You Might have found What you needed. If you are a blogger, BlogBing Web Hosting will be a good choice for your WordPress Blog.

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