Bluehost VS i Page. Which is the best hosting in 2017?

Bluehost and iPage. Who they are?

It is always harder to compare something, which has very similar values with the other one. Bluehost and I Page are well known names in hosting world since they are very competitive in plans, pricing and quality. This Bluehost vs iPage comparison guide is mainly focused on the reliability and performance for running Word-Press websites on these hosting. Let’s look into some basic knowledge about both the hosting companies.

 bluehost vs i page bluehost and i page comparison
Started in19961998
OwnerEndurance International GroupEndurance International Group
Holding3+ Million Domains1 Million Domains


Bluehost and I Page are part of the same company known as Endurance International Group. In fact this company holds more than hundred hosting companies including Hostgator, Big-Rock and I Page. EIG Group is one of the internet’s largest hosting providers. Now, enough of history session, we will look into the details of both hosting.


  1. Speed and Performance
  2. User Interface : Bluehost vs iPage
  3. Web Hosting Plans
  4. Security
  5. Over all Comparison Table: Bluehost vs IPage
  6. Conclusion


  • Speed & Performance: Bluehost vs iPage

Even though both bluehost and ipage belongs to the same EIG group, their servers are different. That difference in server can easily identified while comparing the speed of both Bluehost and ipage. Bluehost has a better server speed while comparing to iPage. Bluehost use Tier-4-Word class data-center same as I Page, but the careful design of hosting architecture made bluehost better than ipage while compared with server speed.

Our engineers have tested website speed while hosted with Bluehost and Ipage from different server locations and we found Bluehost is 30% faster than I page in almost all locations.

bluehost or i page which is besti page server speed worldwide

  • User Interface: Bluehost vs iPage. Which one stands top?

We have talked many times about the beauty of Bluehost C-Panel. But I Page has a c-panel system called, v-deck c-panel system. It is much similar to blue host’s word class C-Panel but not better than bluehost C-Panel.

BlueHost C-Panel

iPage V-Deck C Panel

  • Web Hosting Plans Comparison

Bluehost and iPage recently cut down their monthly charge for every plans and Bluehost now giving Basic plan at $3.95/ month. While comparing to bluehost, IPage will be a better option those who are interested to spend less money on hosting. I Page is giving its basic  plan for 1.99$.

Let’s Go through the Price comparison of both bluehost and iPage by the table below.




  • Security Comparison

Recently, before two years bluehost and many other hosting providers that are owned by Endurance International Group faced a very high security breach. In March 2015, Syrian Electronic Army hacked almost evry hosting by EIG group that includes Hiostgator,bluehost, JustHost and FastDomain. But after that incident, bluehost enhanced their security features and now they have world’s most safe “Layered Security system”. Since both hosting are a part of EIG Group, they have an appreciable security features.

  • Customer Support

This is the only part where I Page is getting a lead on this comparison. Bluehost is considered as one of the top-notch hosting in the world, but due to the heavy number of customers they have, they couldn’t manage their customer support feature well. Recently a report says that, Bluehost took 194 hours to solve a problem of customer. After that news came up, bluehost’s average responding time jumped to 37 minutes.

I page is holding more than 1 million websites, but they are far better than bluehost while considering customer support.

  • Conclusion- Which one is better in 2017?

Comparred to iPage, bluehost is far better in features, C-Panel, Speed and Reliability. But iPage is very cheaper while compared to Bluehost. It can be useful for budding bloggers and websites which having very low traffic. If you want to run a personal blog/Website, no-business websites, Ipage will be a better option

If you are planning to build a business website, don’t take risk by selecting iPage. You can opt for Bluehost and feel satisfied and tension free.

Hope this Bluehost vs iPage comparison helped you to choose the best hosting plan. To know more about both hosting in detail, you can take a look into our other blog posts listed below. Do share your thoughts and comments in the below box.


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