Digital Ocean Review; The Hard Facts about Digital Ocean Revealed

Digital Ocean Review 2017; Introduction

Digital Ocean is a USA based Cloud Web Hosting provider founded in 2000. It is running on a Web based/API platform and they are considered as a revolutionary Cloud Hosting provider with fully active services and well modified Infrastructure. They are very efficient, responsive and scalable. This Digital Ocean Review will tell you more about their Plans, features, capabilities, Pros and Cons. The details given in this digital ocean review is based on the testing done for the last 195 days. We have hosted a test website with Digital Ocean to bring you a inch by inch Digital Ocean Review

There are many cloud web hosting providers are out there. But what is making Digital Ocean so famous and why it becomes so successful?

  • Digital Ocean allows users to move the domains and data onto Digital Ocean reliable cloud environment so easily.
  • User data is fully secured with Digital Ocean. They also provides 24x7 back up to the Infrastructure of users.
  • Even their basic Cloud plan allows user to get a full fledged cloud Environment of Digital Ocean Web Hosting. It will cost you just 5 dollars.
  • If a user needs a customized cloud plan, Digital Ocean always has a plan for them.
  • Server Resizing option is an additional perk for those who feel to get a bit more space for their domain from each server
  • They have 24x7 Customer support to help their customers to resolve if they met any issue.

Digital Ocean Server Locations

  • New York City: US
  • Toronto : Canada
  • San Francisco : California
  • London : England
  • Amsterdam Netherlands
  • Frankfurt : Germany
  • Singapore : Malaysia
  • Bangalore : India

Plans & Pricing

Digital Ocean has monthly as well as Hourly plan options. Every Digital Ocean account is invoiced monthly and billed per hour based on usage up to your monthly cap.

You can get a Digital Ocean Hosting Plan that is capable of maintaining a small website for Just $5 per month. This plan includes 1 Core Processor with 512 MB Memory and a 20 GB SSD Storage. You can also Transfer files up to 1 TB/Month. 

  • Digital ocean does not offer any refund for its customers even if the cancel their account just after making the payment. 
  • Digital ocean does not offer any refund for its customers even if the cancel their account just after making the payment. 
  • You can only pay using credit cards and debit cards and other payment options are not available as a payment option. 

The Main Features

Main Features

Quick Description

Disc Space

Even The Starter Plan provides you 20 GB SSD Disc Storage. The Higher End Plan provides 960 GB SSD Disc Storage Option

Band Width

The Lowest plan allow you to use bandwidth upto 1 GB for free and if you Exceed the limit, you have to pay $0.02/1 GB for further usage. 


RAM Varies from 512 MB to 96 GB According to the plans. The Cheapest plan gives you 512 MB RAM along with other benefits for just $5/month

Digital Ocean Uptime & Load Time

We have been using Digital Ocean for several days and our biggest happiness is about their uptime. Digital Ocean Provided 100% up-time for our test website till now. We have monitored it with 5 minute Intervals (This is the test duration that we used to test all other web hosts). This is the first time we are getting a 100% up time and we are really happy about it.

In terms of page load speed, Digital Ocean yet has to improve. We have tested a website with almost zero uploaded data since test website having only a theme and basic plugins. The page size was below 300kb and we have executed a speed test using Pingdom speed test tool. The result was not so exciting. It took more than one second to load a website with just a theme and plugin.

Customer Support

Digital Ocean Offers a Customer support via Email Ticketing system. You can choose “Critical” option to get an immediate response from their support team. They does not offer any Live Chat or Direct Phone call support.

Digital Ocean is very active in social Medias like Twitter and customers can get a help from Digital Ocean team even via social Medias.

If you are ready to go through some articles to get a help, Digital Ocean have a blog, forum and a set of tutorials and Knowledge base.

Money Back Policy

Not Every Web Hosting companies having same money back policy. In the case of Digital Ocean, You can’t expect full money back even if you cancel your account just after making the payment. Digital Ocean does offer a money back policy but, if you have paid the full money in advance, they will deduct the amount for the first month and rest of the money will transfer to your account. But trust me, you have to be very lucky to get your money back after their hidden legal and economic processes.

Digital Ocean Review : Our Verdict

Digital Ocean is a Decent Cloud web hosting for WordPress website users but it is a bit over priced while comparing to some other cloud web hosting companies. Peoples can trust on Digital Ocean since it offers a value for money services.

Up time was awesome and the load time should be improved. Other than the negatives of slow speed and lack of money back policy, Digital Ocean performs better than its competitors. You can check our BlogBing Review, another decent cloud hosting provider that might be a little cheaper than Digital Ocean.

Hope you like our Digital Ocean Review. You can express your thoughts by writing it in the comment box below. ​

Digital Ocean Our Rating
  • Plans & Pricing
  • Features
  • Server Uptime
  • Load Time
  • Customer Support
  • Money Back Guarantee


If You are Looking for a Cloud web hosting that provides maximum uptime, Digital Ocean will satisfy your Need. But if you are looking for an all-around performance Including Speed and Customer support, You have to find another Cloud Hosting Provider.