GlobeHost Review 2017; Shall we prefer it for Indian Websites?

GlobeHost is a reliable name for recent years in Indian web hosting industry. This GlobeHost review 2017 will tell you some hidden facts about Globe host and this is not just a review but a detailed study about Globe host.

GlobeHost is one of the cheapest web hosting providers in India. For past few years, they are in this field by making 99% of its customers happy. Even while they are providing a good service, why Indians are not considering globehost to host Indian websites? We have the answer. Indians are blindly trusting on the premium brand names and they are not at all considering the small brands. The brand trust is the only reason for the less familiarity of GlobeHost among Indian customers. 

While we are getting a valuable service on our doorstep, we are running behind the large web hosting companies who provides very cheap service but the cost will be very high. We understood very few peoples in India knows about Globe Host and before making a review about them, we have done a complete study about their every feature, support, pricing plans, security and lot more.

We understood very few peoples in India knows about Globe Host and before making a review about them, we have done a complete study about their every feature, support, pricing plans, security and lot more.

Few months before, we are also not aware of this Indian Web host which provides a reliable web hosting. At first, we thought it will be a waste of money, but whatever we have paid, they certainly gave us the real value for that.

But we will not say they are 100% perfect. There are some behind stage secrets are there. Come; let’s go for a ride through this article before making a final decision.

Plans and Pricing: Newbie Bloggers will love it.

Most of the young bloggers in India who aged below 18 are running their blogs in Blog-spot platform. They couldn’t afford the heavy price since they are not yet started earning. And I don’t need to explain the situation in the family if I say “Mom, I need 6000 rupees to start a blog”. If she is my mom, I’m sure she will say “Ask your Dad”. Then I have to give a 1-hour standing lecture about blog and blogging to him and at last, he will say, “This is not going to work, anyway we will see it next month”. According to my dad, that “Next” has an infinite value.

Don’t worry; I’m not going to write my life story here. Let’s look into the plans and pricing of GlobeHost.

They are providing four main categories of hosting and they are, Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated server hosting. The most commonly liked and the most sold hosting package of Globe Host is its Shared Hosting plans. It can be subdivided into four types according to the user’s needs. The plans are named as, Basic, Standard, Advance and Unlimited.

GlobeHost Uptime

We have been hosting one of our test website with globe host for past five months. It is a fashion blog and having lots of data. But the website is a new one and we were not bothered about taking a risk on that website. We hosted the website in November 2016 and before that process, we have made many chats with their support team to make sure they are good.

They always said they will provide 99.99% uptime but we know that is the common blunder that every web hosts will give this fake promise to their customers. Now we will not say they are best or worst but globe host provided 99.97% uptime till March 2017. You can also check our uptime results below.

GlobeHost Load Time

Page load time is one of the major factors that affecting website SEO. We have already discussed the major Web Hosting factors affecting the website SEO. Load time should be lower than 3 seconds to attract more visitors to your website. We have tested globe host for finding their real load time value. You can see the page load speed score is very satisfying. We have got a speed score “B”. It is considered as a good speed for websites which having a page size more than 1.5 MB.


 Note: We have tested the speed from Dallas. While testing from India, Speed may differ. Since the GlobeHost servers are located in Mumbai, there will be a better speed for India customer’s websites.

GlobeHost C-Panel

Globe host also provides a world-class c panel and It is almost same as the BlueHost and Hostgator c-panel. You can check their C-Panel below.

You can Also See the Demo of Globehost C-panel Here C-Panel Demo


GlobeHost has Chat, Phone call and email supports. They are very quick and responsive through live chat. We never waited more than 3 minutes. They always have a sudden solution for most our problems. Their phone call support is not that good since some agents are not fluent in English and they are confusing us because of their bad language. Once I started to speak in Hindi, they responded very well.

MoneyBack Guarantee

They are providing 30 days money back guarantee. You will get the full amount refunded if you are not willing to continue their service further. But you have to keep this in mind, You will not get any refund for the domain which you have registered on globe host.

Cons Of GlobeHost

⊗ Not suitable for high Traffic websites.

⊗ Storage and Bandwidth are not unlimited for Most of the plans.

⊗ No Monthly Payment Option

⊗ If you have exceeded More than 200 Real Time Visitors, Site will take more time to load.

⊗ No manual reset option in C-Panel.

Our Verdict

GlobeHost will be the best option for nonprofit bloggers and very small traffic websites. But if you are getting a daily traffic of more than 2000 visitors, you can opt for any other web hosts. There are many rumours about GlobeHost and one of them we found on the internet was, they will suffer if the real time visitor’s count exceeds 65 visitors. But according to what we identified, that’s not true. We have tested it for four months and we wrote this review based on the reality we identified.

Hope you got enough information from our GlobeHost Review 2017. You can contact us through our contact page or you can express your Thoughts in the below comment box. If you are willing to buy any globehost plan, the below link will guide you to GlobeHost website.


GlobeHost Review
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We will prefer it only for Newbies and Small Websites