Liquid Web Review 2017- Is It a High Quality Web Hosting?

Welcome to my Liquid Web Review. Liquid Web Started in 1997, Liquid Web has become the leader in managed VPS hosting, managed cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting. They are famous for their fast and high-quality support, known as ‘Heroic Support’.

Liquid Web Review: Is This a Good Web Hosting For WordPress?

Liquid Web may not be the most common name in the industry, but they certainly caught our eye with their premium managed hosting options. There’s a reason why top companies like Motorola, Red Bull, ESPN, Audi, and FedEx use Liquid Web. Keep reading our Liquid Web review to learn more!

Liquid Web Review 2017

Liquid Web Homepage

Liquid Web Plans & Pricing Reviewed

Let’s take a look at what is on offer with Liquid Web hosting services. They offer VPS hosting, cloud and dedicated hosting.

Liquid Web Review 2017

Liquid Web Plans & Prices

Liquid Web VPS Hosting Plans

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMOSPrice
Storm VPS150 GB1 core1 GB$39.00
Storm VPS2100 GB1 core2 GB$59.00
Storm VPS3150 GB2 cores4 GB$109.00
Storm VPS4300 GB4 cores8 GB$219.00

Dedicated Server Plans Of Liquid Web

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMOSPrice
Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5256 GB4 x 3.4GHz16 GB$199.00
Intel Xeon E3-1270 v5256 GB4 x 3.6GHz16 GB$229.00
Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4256 GB6 x 3.6GHz16 GB$319.00
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4256 GB16 x 2.1GHz32 GB$369.00
STARTER1 TB4 x 3.6GHz32 GB$359.00
PROFESSIONAL1 TB12 x 2.4GHz64 GB$479.00
SECURITY PRO1 TB12 x 2.4GHz128 GB$599.00

Liquid Web Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMBandwidthPrice
Storm Private Cloud1250 GB4 x 3.6GHz8 GBUnlimited$150.00
Storm Private Cloud2500 GB4 x 3.6GHz16 GBUnlimited$239.00
Storm Private Cloud3250 GB6 x 3.5GHz32 GBUnlimited$279.00
Storm Private Cloud4440 GB4 x 3.8GHz7.6 GBUnlimited$159.00
Storm Private Cloud52 TB4 x 3.8GHz8 GBUnlimited$179.00
Storm Private Cloud6440 GB4 x 3.8GHz15.6 GBUnlimited$209.00
Storm Private Cloud73.6 TB4 x 3.8GHz8 GBUnlimited$229.00
Storm Private Cloud8926 GB4 x 3.8GHz15.6 GBUnlimited$239.00
Storm Private Cloud9906 GB4 x 3.8GHz15.5 GBUnlimited$239.00
Storm Private Cloud10928 GB4 x 3.8GHz15.6 GBUnlimited$239.00
Storm Private Cloud11440 GB6 x 3.5GHz31 GBUnlimited$279.00

Why Should You Choose Liquid Web Hosting?

  • They have the best data centers – LiquidWeb has specially engineered their data centers to make sure your site is up all the time. Their network, cooling, and redundant power systems are always working to protect your servers.
  • Heroic Support – The one area that really sets LiquidWeb apart from the competition is their customer support. They call it Heroic Support, and this industry-leading team is available 24/7/365.  What’s even better is the fact that they have support staff on-site at your data center to address any issues you may be experienced immediately.  They are committed to providing the fastest possible customer service experience.
  • Switching to LiquidWeb is free, and they’ll help you – The overwhelming process of switching web hosts isn’t something you have to do alone. LiquidWeb has a team that’s entirely dedicated to helping you transfer your data to your new servers.  Unlike most other web hosting services, they’re available to help along the way.
  • Constant Monitoring – LiquidWeb has a team to monitor your servers, software, and the network at all times. This team is called their Sonar Monitoring Team, and their job is to fix any issues with your website before you even know that they exist.  They stay on top of your systems.
  • Backups – Your data is always going to be safe when your host is LiquidWeb. They use Guardian Backup & Recovery to constantly backup your system to an off-site facility, ensuring that recovery of your information is done quickly and easily at any time.
  • Management Tool – LiquidWeb provides a powerful management tool that gives website owners lots of useful information. They call it their management interface, and it provides owners the ability to order and create new servers, any available billing information for each website, and performance statistics for each page you own.  If you’re a hands-on owner, this is a great tool for you.
  • Security – If security is the main concern for you, slam the door shut with LiquidWeb’s ServerSecure service. It’s automatically included each time you create a dedicated server, so you can relax knowing that all of your information is secure.  Secure VPNs, firewalls, compliance, and SSL certificates are also available.  If you want the best security for your customers and your business, LiquidWeb is the best choice.

Liquid Web Pros & Cons

Pros of Liquid Web

  • Speedy Hosting – All of Liquid Web’s hosting plans are optimized for quick page loads. Many customer reviews mention how fast their hosting is.
  • No Plugin Limits – Unlike other managed WordPress hosting providers, Liquid Web doesn’t ban any plugins. You can use any WordPress plugins you want on your site.
  • Guaranteed Uptime – Liquid Web promises an incredible 100% uptime and will offer you 1000% credit for any downtime.
  • Heroic Support – Liquid Web’s claim to fame is their stellar support. Customers rave about how friendly, helpful, and skilled the support staff is.

Liquid Web Hosting Cons

  • No Shared Hosting – Liquid Web doesn’t offer any shared hosting plans. Their target audience includes higher-traffic sites that need managed WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, or dedicated server hosting.
  • No Money Back Guarantee – Liquid Web does not offer any money-back guarantee. However, you’re not under any contract and can cancel your service at any time. If you prepay, you can still get a refund for any full month of service you don’t use. You just have to give them notice before the month in question begins.
  • Higher Costs – Liquid Web’s hosting plans are pricier than many cheap hosting providers, but you get what you pay for in quality of service and support.


Liquid Web offers complete features to each of its services. The prices are on a little higher side but no part of services offered are compromised on any terms. Liquid Web has no. 1 standing among other competitors due to its unbeatable web solutions. I think the above review of Liquid Web will help you in taking the correct decision for shaping your creative ideas. But you want Hosting at Low Prices then you should go for Bluehost or Hostgator. Check Coupons to get up to 60% off on Web Hosting. Hope you liked our review, You can also share your experiences with us by writing it in the below comment box.

Liquid Web Hosting Review
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Liquid Web Hosting Reviewed and We will Recommend Liquid Web for WordPress website users due to the value for money services and support.