MDD Hosting Review 2019 – The Best and Worst of MDD Hosting Revealed!

Here we are back with our new MDD Hosting review 2019. My brother started a website a few months back and he hosted his website with MDD Hosting by my suggestion. Since we have a known website hosted with MDD hosting, we decided not to host our test website to test their performance. After watching their performance for the last seven months, we decided to write the MDD Hosting review to give some knowledge about MDD hosting to our reader community.

What are the main factors you will be looking for while purchasing a new web hosting? There are some common factors like website uptime, load time, cost and support. For giving you a best mdd hosting reviews, we analyze through non-common factors too. This MDD Hosting review will tell you about MDD Hosting up time, Load time, Pricing, Billing, MDD Hosting Renewal cost, Support, security and Refund Policy. We will closely check through their Terms and conditions to let you know the hidden costs and cheat factors if any.

About MDD Hosting - Introduction

MDD Hosting is a privately owned web hosting company located in North Carolina. They started to provide web hosting services to the general public in 2007. The best thing we liked most about this web hosting company is nothing other than their transparency. They are not hiding any pieces of information like company address, server locations etc. This factor is appreciated in many mdd hosting user reviews and we are just mentioning it here.

MDD Hosting has a 4000 sq ft data center located in Denver's Central business district. Which is equipped with proper power supply, cooling system and fire detecting and alarming system. Unlike other hosting companies, they have given all information about their data center on their official website itself.

MDD Servers are properly protected from threats. they have 24-hour surveillance system including Digital security and Video surveillance. But You cannot expect a high-level security like EIG group providing to BlueHost and HostGator. Overall security is goo enough to protect it from common threats.

Let's read this complete MDD Hosting Review to Know more about their features and performance.

MDD Hosting Plans & Pricing Reviewed

MDD Hosting offers four types of hosting plans to meet the requirements of every customer need. The four types of hosting plans are,

  • Shared Hosting
  • Premium Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Virtual Private Severs

Since most of our visitors are using website with low or medium requirements, we have given details of Shared hosting and Premium hosting below.

MDD Shared Hosting Plans

MDD Shared hosting has two types of shared hosting plans named as Basic plan and Professional Plan. The Basic plan is purely for new small business websites and single website owners who having lite traffic on their website.

MDD Hosting Review

MDD Professional shared hosting plan costs $9.50 per month. This plan allows you to host unlimited Domains and you will get unlimited disk space and Unlimited data transfer along with Unlimited email accounts. 

MDD Premium Hosting Plans

MDD Premium hosting plan has three categories of plans and they are Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Basic plan costs $21.25 per month. The basic plan is enough for most of the website needs but if you are getting a website traffic more than 10k daily, You can opt for the Advanced plan for making it hustle free.

MDD Hosting review

​Advanced plan costs $63.75 per month and you will get 15 GB Disk space and 900 GB Bandwidth. You will get the ability to host unlimited domains. 

MDD Hosting Uptime Result

MDD Hosting promised an uptime of 99.99% but after 7 months of usage, we got an average of 99.94% uptime. We have affected with many down time occasions during December 2016. after that, we didn't felt long down time till now.

Other than the prolonged downtime, the frequency of downtime is also a reason for reducing their uptime value to 99.94%. 

The MDD Hosting Load Time Test

Websites hosted with MDD Hosting is very fast in terms of their page load speed. We are getting a fairy speed even during the peak hours. Our website has a page size of  760 KB, which is considerably a medium page size and we are getting a speed score of 81 out of 100. We have tested the website speed by making California as the server location. We didn't felt any drastic change in their load speed while tested from different server locations.

mdd hosting review​​​You can check our result above. 

Note: We added a picture of MDD Hosting website homepage by replacing our original website due to some privacy reasons.

About MDD Hosting Customer Support

One of the major advantages of becoming an MDD Hosting customer is nothing other than their premium support. MDD Always trying to help their customers by giving a very best technical support 24x7 and 365 days a year. They have started a token system for making it easy for their customers. 

We have many good experiences with MDD Hosting customer care. Most of the time, we connected to an agent within 3 to five minutes. By checking our last 10 calls to their customer care, we found that there is an average delay of only 3 minutes. ​

MDD Hosting's Money back Policy

If You are not happy with the service of MDD Hosting, you will have the freedom to cancel their service by getting your money back until 30 days after purchase. But there are certain rules to know before applying for a refund from MDD Hosting. 

You Are Not Eligible for a Cashback if,

  • You bought a dedicated server hosting plan
  • If You paid for a domain
  • You paid any Installation fee
  • Buy any Custom Software
  • Your Website is Terminated by MDD itself

MDD Hosting Review - Conclusion

MDD Hosting will be a good choice for any type of websites, but they are extremely good for bloggers and small business websites. They are giving a fair speed for websites hosted with MDD Hosting. Price is little higher comparing to other web hosts of the same category. 

The only drawback of MDD Hosting is their uptime. They are giving only 99.94% uptime for the last seven months. Frequent downtime is little irritating, but most of the time issue will be fixed within one or two minutes.

Other than uptime, we couldn't find any negatives about MDD hosting till now. ​You can give it a try if you wish to know the performance by yourself. Anyway, you will get a refund if you cancel it within 30 days. 

Hope you like this MDD Hosting Review, Take a few seconds to convey your thoughts and comments to us by writing it in the comment box below. 

MDD Hosting : Our Rating
  • Uptime and Reliability
  • Page Load Time
  • Plans & Pricing
  • Support


Other than uptime, we couldn't find any negatives about MDD hosting till now. ​You can give it a try if you wish to know the performance by yourself. Anyway, you will get a refund if you cancel it within 30 days.

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      Since you have a good traffic on your website, it will be better using a VPS hosting. Otherwise, you might have band width issues in near future.

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