WP Engine Review 2017. Does this engine has a high performance?

WP Engine Review 2017

Introduction to WP Engine Review

It is very hard to choose a right web hosting according to our need. Even while there are thousands of web hosting providers are available, choosing correct one is always a tough game. Most of the web owners are using a shared hosting package, with a WordPress platform website. I personally love WordPress a lot. while searching for a suitable web hosting for my WordPress website, I have found a really noticeable name on the internet and that is none other than WP Engine. Due to the name “WordPress Engine Hosting”, I thought it will be more suitable for my WordPress website. But due to their high price, I choose another host for hosting my website.

We delayed this WP Engine hosting review for a reason. we have hosted our test websites in WP engine very recently and we need to fully understand their performance and features very deeply. This WP Engine Review will give you all data and details that you were looking for. Let’s enter into the review.

WP Engine Uptime Test

As we discussed earlier, HRN team has hosted on WP Engine. We have put it under experts analysis. The website doesn’t felt any down time during the first month of hosting. But after the first month, for few days we have experienced several down time and sometimes it remained longer than five minutes. According to the last one-month analysis, WP Engine has an uptime of 99.98%. This is one of the best up time providers in the web hosting market. You can Check the result of last one month below. It shows a downtime of only 3 minutes and while comparing to other web hosts of the same category, WP Engine is good, but we cannot consider it as very good while comparing the heavy price with other hosts low pricing plans.

Bluehost and Hostgator also have an up-time very near to WP Engine has. Bluehost has 99.97% last month and Hostgator proved 100% for last one month. They only cost below 6$ per month while WP Engine’s lowest plan costs $29/month.

Load Time

Before buying their web hosting plan, we have asked many questions to know more about what they are offering. We have asked about uptime, load time and many other features. You can see a screenshot of my interaction with their support agent below. WP Engine website itself taking more than 4 seconds to load. Our test website has a page size of more than 1 MB. It usually took 1 to 2  seconds to load on other premium web hosts. We are not fully satisfied with the speed of WP Engine. it took 7.1 seconds to load a simple website.

Support; A Reliable One

WP Engine has three types of customer support. Chat, Phone call and email. Their Chat support doesn’t have many support agents, but you will get an agent when you need a help. WP engine has a very good support. They never delayed the help. Most of the time, we are getting connected to an agent within two or three minutes.



WP engine is a premium Web host which providing a high quality and performance to its customers. But the high price is making peoples less attracted towards WP Engine. We will not recommend it for bloggers and small-website owners. If you are running a heavy business website, you can opt for WP Engine since you should give importance to performance and security better than money. Buying WP Engine is nothing different than buying an iPhone. There are lots of devices better than this product in the market, but we will blindly believe costly products, even it has less quality.

Hope you liked this WP Engine Review. We will be very happy if you took two seconds to write your opinions in the comment box below.

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Our Verdict

WP Engine is a Premium Web Host. But according to us, it is making the peoples fools by providing usual features for a very high price. They don't have anything special to make a bill six times higher than other WordPress web hosts. We would like to recommend WP Engine only for real heavy website users.